Mohawk Golf Club 2020 Tournament

After postponing the original tournament date, we worked with the Mohawk Golf Club to host a wonderful golf tournament on September 25, 2020.  While participation, particularly by sponsors, was down, we had a very nice tournament for 9 foursomes and successfully raised $2,000 for our Mohawk Valley Libraries.

Special thanks to the following donors:

Major Sponsors
Competitive Advantage Group
Ellis Medicine
Environment One Corp.
Law Office of Kathryn McCary

Hole-in-One Sponsors
Keeler Motorcar
Price Chopper Supermarkets
Northway Golf Center

 Hole Sponsors
John H. Blackmon                                     Jane Borrelli
Alpin Haus                                                Cioffi, Slezak, Wildgrube, PC
Peter & Kristen Driscoll                          William P. Leitch

Mary Jane Beaulieu                                    Cheryl Cufari
Amdy Tomko                                               MiSci
Ruby & Quiri                                                Maple Ski Ridge
Palatine Literary Society                            The Edison Club
Via Port Rotterdam Mall                            Wolf Hollow Brewing

Thanks also to our many volunteers!